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Original Title: Bhookh

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama




































Widower Raka lives a poor lifestyle in Dhangaon, along with two daughters, Bina and Asha, and makes a living as a farmer in a region controlled by Thakur Harnam Singh. Due to drought there is famine, the entire village pleads with Harnam for food, and he agrees to do so provided one person from each family tends his fields for free. Most villagers agree, but Raka doesn't, and he gets killed. Before dying, he entrusts his daughter to a crippled ex-army Colonel. Years later, both girls have grown up, while the region is still controlled by Harnam as well as his son, Ranjeet. There appears to be no hope for the hapless villagers who continue slaving for Harnam. Then Dr. Ajay, the son of Sarju, one of Harnam's bonded laborers, returns home. He witnesses the plight of his fellow-villagers and his dad, and decides to challenge Harnam and Ranjeet - not realizing that no one from the village will dare to stand with him, and he, as well as his aunt and dad face nothing but torture and death by the oppressive Thakur, his son, and their goons.


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    Original Title: Natural Selection

    Genge: Action,Drama,Thriller,War











































    Bob and his translator survive a helicopter crash in remote Russia, but still must fight for their lives in extreme conditions without their gear, causing Bob to flashback to the selection process that got him into the Unit.
    Bob Brown and some Russian woman named "Ilona" survive a helicopter crash on the Northern Koryak mountains in Russia. Bob is only slightly injured but the woman has a broken hip.

    This turns out to be a story more about how one of the series regulars - Brown (Scott Foley) - got to where he is at the moment described above, going back to his first days of training and how he made it through the tryouts, so to speak, for The Unit, when almost all the other recruits failed.

    Those scenes are mixed in with his current situation with a lot of parallels drawn between the two time periods. Oddly, they never showed how Brown got into the situation with the downed helicopter in the first place, but it certainly turned out to be a fine tribute to his bravery and it was still a very entertaining show, one of the better ones, in fact.


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    Original Title: New American Movie

    Genge: Documentary,Short,Action,Comedy,News
















































    New American Movie is a video comprised of quick cuts and places/events such as the Taste of Chicago food festival, a Miami Beach nightclub, New York tourist spots, a sex-exposition, hippy concerts, and other spectacles across America. Drawn from over 50 hours of high definition video footage shot between 2008-2010, the movie seeks to draw relationships between the various events and people documented in order to convey the dual nature of mass consumerism and general consumption evident in American society. Relationships are suggested though match cuts, movement between shots, and recorded dialogue in order to force a more intense analysis of the world we live in by showing the beauty and tragedy of spectacle, appetites, and consumption pushed up against each other.


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